Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Status is Not Quo

One good thing about this blog is that when I actually have the time/space/energy/opportunity to scrapbook, I can open this up and create pages from blog posts. I also open up my Facebook account and look back over the funny things my kids have said that I've posted in status updates. Since my mom and stepdad have been vacationing in New York for several days, I know they've missed more than a few funny little happenings with the kids. Mostly for their benefit, and my future scrapbooking endeavors, I'm going to repost a few things here:

"The downside of getting a shower and getting dressed first thing in the morning is that all day my kids want to know what we're doing, where we're going, what is this madness??" The older kids are content, like their mother, to stay at home. Selah, however constantly wants to be on the go - to the extent that when we've been gone (no matter how long!) she protests when we turn onto our street. "No, no, we not going home yet." 

So the follow-up to that status came later in the afternoon:
"Disappointed at my continually telling her we are NOT going anywhere today, Selah pointed her finger at me and said, in a very sweet, instructive tone, "I need you to listen ME. You say, 'Yes, ma'am'." This child is a mess!" Maybe I should have sent her to New York with Grammie and Bobba! 

"I told Jeff I have heartburn ... his response is, "If coffee doesn't fix it, I don't know what will." I'm rapidly reaching the this-is-all-your-fault stage of pregnancy. lol" In the interest of full disclosure, this conversation happened via text message and his first response was, "Eat some spicy food. That usually helps." (Clearly, I'm married to a comedian - who's never had heartburn!) To which I replied, "I'll have some coffee." That's when he responded with his own coffee remark. It seems like a good motto for him. 

"Selah's response to the crib's arrival today: "Warren's" gonna come out and she's gonna love it!""  We're in the process of cleaning out and organizing the kids' rooms to accommodate the crib and a new baby, which includes swapping their rooms. Kaity will share with Lauryn, and Joe and Selah will bunk together. I'll post about it when we get it all done over the next couple of weeks. 

"Big Sister Level: Boss. Kaity, several nights this week, has talked in her sleep. She fusses at Joe. LOL" As is typical at this stage, I haven't been able to sleep at night on occasion. As a result, I have heard Kaity talking in her sleep. While Joe sleeps soundlessly and innocently in his own bed across the hall, Kaity will holler out at him in her best annoyed-big-sister voice, "Jo-o-oe!" It's a full-time job, keeping your little brother in line. 

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