Sunday, June 02, 2013

One Crazy Summer ... Weekend

Friday morning I loaded up the little crumbsnatchers and headed out to do something very rare - we went shopping! The kids were invited to come to a pool party on Saturday, so they really needed swimsuits. I love how their shopping totally reflects their personalities:

Kaity: Tried on several different suits, checking them for color to match the swim skirt she already has, modesty, fit, look, price comparisons, etc. She found two she really liked at Old Navy and wanted to hold out to see what Target offered. After striking out at Target, she made a list of pros and cons regarding the two suits she'd liked at Old Navy. She tried them both on again, asked my opinion, and made her decision.

Selah: Could not fall asleep Thursday night from the excitement of going shopping in the morning. She kept getting up and asking me about it. "Mommy, we goin' shopping? In the morning? I get a swimmy suit! And fop-fops!" She tried on every suit with equal enthusiasm. "I take dis one home wif me!" She danced in the mirrors and hugged each suit to herself. With uncanny precision, she chose a pair of flip-flops in her exact size from the dozens on display and only hesitated a moment over pink or purple.

Joe: Walked over to a display of swimsuits. Immediately spotted one in green and blue (his favorite colors). Grabbed his size - done. He chose his flip-flops in the same way. That's my boy.

Handsome little mischievous bugger.

To round out our crazy busy weekend, we went to the party Saturday afternoon, then to an outdoor concert in a nearby downtown.

Headliner: Eli Carlan! Otherwise known around here as Selah's beloved "Ollie" although she does occasionally say his name correctly. He came to dinner Thursday night and it made her week!

You can hear some of Eli's original music here.

'Cause it's only natural that the Pittard kids bring books wherever they go.

With her Curious George mask.

Snuggling mommy and Lauryn.

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Catherine McEver said...

Kaity is turning into a mini-you more and more! Love her!