Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grammie and Bobba and Granny

Today, my wonderful parents and my beautiful Granny came for the afternoon. Joe had been staying with my parents since Monday, and they brought him home today. Selah especially was overjoyed at his return. "JOE! You're my friend, my brother!" Granny brought me some produce fresh from the family gardens. We had a lovely, too short visit.

Our Joe is named for Granny (Joseph instead of Josephine) and Papa (Riley).


Four Generations: Jo, Lynnette, Jeni, and Kaity

Joe, Bobba, and Selah

"I got your hair, Bobba!"

Bobba and the grandbabies

Selah did not want Joe to snuggle with "her" Bobba.

She gloated big time after de-throning her brother - "Nannie nannie boo boo!"

All together now.

Meanwhile, Grammie and Kaity were looking over Kaity's Boys' World Magazine. She makes it for her brother and a couple of her male cousins.

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