Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kaity's First Piano Recital

This has been Kaity's first year taking piano lessons. She has picked it up quite well (not the piano, the ability to play) and we're glad she's doing such an amazing job!

Jeff's parents came to see the recital and then to eat dinner with us afterward. My parents came, too, but they ended up hitting a deer on the way up! Sadly, they had to return home since, though they were all right, Bambi vs Volvo did not turn out so well.

Joe, Nannie and Selah waiting to hear Kaity play!
Someone may have gotten a little restless. And someone else might have had to take her out to the front porch to burn off some energy.
Her shirt says, "Free Spirit"- they printed it just for her!

Ken, Cheryl, Jeff and Selah

Katie and Kaity! Sweet girls.
Kaity played "Inspector Gadget" and did a wonderful job! Though she got kind of a late start, I think we could have the next Mozart on our hands! Wait, who am I kidding ... knowing this family it'll be more like the next Victor Borge!

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