Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday Morning

Our church has been blessed over the last several years with tremendous growth. We've seen many people coming to belief in Christ. As the lives of individuals have changed, they've shared the good news with their families and friends, and our local branch of God's family tree has grown in an amazing way. Because of that, we've recently transitioned to having three services on Sunday morning. Our family made the decision to attend at the eight o' clock worship hour. Though it makes for an early morning, it's been a blessing to have the opportunity to again to ride together as a family to church. (Jeff used to arrive at 8 for band practice, and now we all get there at 7:20.)

Last week was our first week, and I can describe it in a word: disastrous. Kaity, Joe, and Selah were all in tears and it was taking some smooth talking on my part to convince Jeff that it was worth it! Thankfully, this week was a completely different story. Kaity came downstairs for breakfast already dressed with a smile on her face and a checklist in her hand! The list was of everything she would need to do to get ready for church - "get dressed", "brush teeth", "fix hair", etc. Each entry had a box next to it for her to check off. That is classic Kaity right there! To clarify: SHE made the checklist by herself. Joe came stumbling in, bleary-eyed and clutching one of Selah's blankets around his shoulders. But we all got ready to go in record time, and I even took the time to brew a pot of coffee! Jeff was really thankful for that. I was thankful for the Sunday afternoon nap we all had.

Joe took his nap during the evening worship service, with one interruption. He had just drifted off when the pastor made an emphatic point by banging on the pulpit. Joe jumped a mile and his arms flew out! He mumbled, "That woke me up!" and quickly fell back to sleep.

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