Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doll Clothes

A couple of weeks ago, Kaity spent the afternoon over at a friend's house. Claire is just as big a fan of American Girl as Kaity, so they really enjoyed playing together with their dolls. Kaity took some of the clothes she'd made for Felicity and Ally Kate to show to Claire, and Claire showed Kaity some cool doll clothes hangers her mom had made. It was such a simple idea, but really cool! The hanger is simply a wooden dowel with a hook screwed into the middle. Claire was sweet enough to share a few hangers with Kaity. When she got home, she thought for a while about where she could hang the clothes, and inspiration struck. She simply hung them on a regular clothes hanger and then hung that in the closet. Her doll clothes stay neat and organized!
A mix of handmade and store bought clothes.

Kait, showing off her ingenuity.

A close-up of the hanger. Why didn't I think of that?

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