Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

So, we've had Snow Days for the last three days, which has been a wonderful blessing in many ways, and not so much in one way. The "one way" is that the quarry called off work for the whole week. No work means no pay, or taking up a week's worth of vacation days. Thankfully, God has provided in that, too, since this is the first year Jeff will have three weeks of vacation instead of just two. So we'll just pretend we never had three weeks' worth to begin with!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the days home with Daddy! Our kids are probably the only ones in the state still having to do school and chores (to hear them tell it!) but they've had plenty of play time, too. We've made Snow Cream (vanilla and mocha), had a snowball fight, ridden bikes in the snow and ice, salted a neighbor's driveway, hosted bored friends, ordered pizza, eaten chicken and dumplin's, played lots of Wii games, not watched a single thing on television, enjoyed a roaring fire, rearranged furniture, cleaned house, organized stuff, played Legos, played board games, and done laundry. Whew! It's been a busy three days "off".

"Oh, he's so handsome ... just like in his reward posters!" -- Name that movie!

On a funny note, Kaity just warned her daddy about me: "You can't wander around doing nothing. You have to LOOK like you're doing something or she'll give you something to do."


Joseph said...

Isn't that from Robin Hood?

jeni said...

Absolutely! We love that movie.

Leah F said...

Okay, someone beat me to it, but of course it is from Robin Hood. I laugh out loud at that line every time...that line, and "Death to tyrants" that Skippy yells while playing Robin Hood. BTW, didn't Aunt Leah and Uncle Nathan give that movie to Kaity and Joseph years ago? I seem to remember buying a copy for myself and for my niece and nephew...Love y'all so much!!

jeni said...

Yes, you did! We were very excited because we only had a copied VHS tape of it that was badly distorted.