Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jeff's Project

When Jeff bought his 1969 VW bus, one downside was that there was no backseat. So, he had a bus, but it only sat two people! It wasn't long before he'd drawn out plans to redesign the interior. His plans include a bench backseat, two seats for the middle, at least one fold-down "rumble seat" for the back of the front seat(s), and a fold-down table so the kids can play games. This weekend, he completed the first part of the project, which was to install a backseat, complete with seatbelts! He got the seat from a co-worker, who'd pulled it out of an old Explorer. Jeff built a wooden frame for it, and bolted the whole thing down into the metal frame of the bus.

We were all excited to take a test run in it to church Sunday night! Now if he could just get the heating system going ...

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