Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sign Language

When Joe was a baby, the whole "baby sign language" craze was going full-steam. I figured it couldn't hurt to see if Joe would pick up on the physical side of communication before the verbal, but it never really took root. I learned a lot, but Joe didn't pick up on it the way I'd hoped. Until recently, I hadn't considered trying it out with Selah, but then she began copying everything we did! She's very proud of herself when she copies us, and always claps afterward.

I don't know if there's a different set of signs for babies, I just use a standard American Sign Language website to look up what I need. I started several days ago with a few signs that I use all the time, like "cup", "eat", "more", "thank you", "please", "mommy", "daddy", and "cat". She hasn't copied me yet, but we'll see!
Grammie knitted this hat for Selah for Christmas.

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