Saturday, November 06, 2010


Well, Jeff and I TRIED to go on a date last night. Here's the story:

First of all, I drop Kaity and Joe off with my mother-in-law. That part went well. An hour later at the grocery store, I lean over to pick my wallet up from the floor and my knee goes out! Nice. So keep in mind that all day my knee is swollen and throbbing, and I can neither bend nor straighten it completely. And my favorite little helpers are with their grandparents. Did I also mention that I promised to bake 6 dozen cookies for a friend's bake sale? Yeah. (On a good note, the cookies were delectable. They tasted like thin mints. Only better. There, I said it.)

On to "date night": 
Two days ago, I printed a certificate (got a $25 value for a dollar!) for a Japanese restaurant in Athens. Basically what that meant for us is that instead of paying $15 and getting fast food, we could pay $15 and get a nice hibachi meal, plus leftovers for lunch the next day. Well, arriving at the restaurant we saw a sign on the door that as of November 1 they were no longer accepting the certificates. I printed mine on November 3! Argh. So, not being able to afford paying full price ($40!) we went elsewhere to eat.

After a vaguely disappointing dinner, we were THIS close to the concert hall where we were going to hear the UGA symphony orchestra play ... and our babysitter calls. Selah is screaming her tiny, beautiful little head off. Kim tells us she's been at it for an hour. So we went back home. Selah was, of course, asleep when we arrived, and Kim said she'd just fallen asleep a few minutes before. She was still doing the little catching her breath thing while she slept. Jeff took her, which woke her up, and naturally she was quite pleased to see her Mommy. She grinned and babbled and made Miss Kim feel like a toad. Sigh.

But all in all, we were very glad to have some time with just the two of us, and we'll take whatever we can get!

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