Monday, November 01, 2010

Mold Shakes

After making the kids' lunch today, I called them in from playing outside. I told them that sometimes I had to be creative with leftovers in order to make the most of our groceries, so they had to just eat what they were given without complaining. Then I explained that I had found a container in the back of the fridge with mold in it and decided to make it into something special for them.
Joe thought that a Mold Shake was awesome!

Kaity knew I wasn't serious.
Both kids were giggling and tasting and trying to decide what it could be. Kaity guessed sherbet. Joe thought it was green tea. After they both drank every drop and admitted they loved it, I confessed what it really was.


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Belinda Jo Adams said...

hey, do you remember frog juice?