Saturday, November 20, 2010

Latest on the Kiddos

Selah -- She has three words now! Mama (I came first, of course!), Dada, and Doe (Joe). Kaity said, "I'm the only person left in this house whose name she hasn't said!"

Joe -- His new favorite word is "tragedy". Everything gets that label. Out of his favorite cereal? "This is a tragedy!" Selah bumped her head? "What a tragedy!" Time to put away the dishes? "This is a complete tragedy!" Good thing that doesn't get old.

Kaity -- Kaity has a speaking part in the children's musical at church. She plays a reporter named Cub. She had her lines memorized the day after she got the script. She is really excited about the whole deal. She and Joe practice singing the songs all the time. ALL THE TIME. Good thing that doesn't get old.

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Belinda Jo Adams said...

looking forward to hearing those words and soon!