Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tough Love

I told Kaity this morning that it was time to start school. She started grumbling about it, but went over to the school shelf to get out her first assignment. I called her out on her attitude, basically reminding her that school happens every day so there's no need to act surprised when it's time to start!

Joe was in the kitchen putting his dishes away out of the dishwasher and he quoted from some kids' movie, "You've got some tough life, kid."

No sympathy from the little brother! Ha!

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Laura said...

That's funny! Mine are like that about what we call our "morning chores." They act like I'm speaking a different language. I tell them to do their morning chores after the ONE cartoon, and I'm met with various forms of opposition.! I think it's more about me not letting them watch but one cartoon than actually having to do their chores.

We now have a plaid loveseat that was Chris and Kathi's that was Jenn's that must have been Joe's that I think must have been Jeff's because I found an 12 year old checkbook (with an uncashed check) stuffed deep into the cushions. Don't worry, I didn't snoop through the financial info, but I checked the name and date on the check. I about choked when I saw the 1997 check. (We were looking for a lost remote when we found it!) We'll set it aside til we see you again, sometime.

Anyway, y'all have a great day!