Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flashback -- September/October 2007

Here are stories from Joe, Kaity, and me that happened September/October 2007.

Joseph ...
My angelic little boy came downstairs this morning with marker all over his shirt and legs. (Just yesterday he had gotten a spanking for drawing on the carpet with a colored pencil. Apparently he felt it was the medium that I had objected to.) Anyway, then his sister yelps, "MU-THER, Joe colored on his blanket with a MAR-KER!" I led Joe upstairs to assess the damage, grabbing the wooden spoon along the way. As soon as we got into his room, I said, "Show me where you colored on your blanket." Looking as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, my little cherub snuggles on his bed in his sheet, smiles sweetly and says, "Tell me about 'Dod'." (When I relayed this story to Jeff, he suggested I might have replied, "I'm fixin' to let you meet Him!")

Kaity ...
On Katie's birthday, we played Monopoly as a family. Well, three of us did -- little Joe had scored an unexpected visit with Nannie and Papa! I ended up winning -- which doesn't happen often -- and Katie came in second. You are welcome to draw your own conclusion about who went bankrupt first ... :)
After the game, Katie walked into the kitchen to her daddy and me and stated, "I think our family is a little bit like me playing Monopoly. Half broke."

Jeni ...
I'm always telling on the kids, so I figure it's my turn now! I loaded up the car this morning to go run errands then realized I left something in the house. Our car has this flaw in the ignition so that you can take the keys out without shutting the car off. So that's what I did. I got what I needed from the house and went on my way. Our first stop was the shoe store. I pulled up, parked, and shut the car off. That's when I realized the keys were NOT in the ignition! My heart stopped. In my mind's eye I could see the keys laying on the chair where I had tossed them. Just as quickly though, I instinctively reached for my back right pocket, from which my keys are nearly always hanging. Thankfully, this time was no exception! I was so glad I had them with me -- could you imagine having to explain how I managed to drive ten miles away from my house without my car keys?!

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