Monday, March 02, 2009

The Great Storm of Aught Nine

Yay! It snowed yesterday! Joe's never seen it and Kaity was 3 the last time it snowed. The only downside was that the power was out for about 5 hours. Jeff lit a fire in the fireplace so we'd at least have some light and heat. I had started some apple cobbler in my little slow cooker earlier. When the power cut off, I wrapped the crock in aluminum foil and stuck it in the fire. I put some potatoes in, too, but only one of them turned out okay. I'm definitely not used to cooking over an actual fire!

These pictures look bright, but the only light in the house was from the fireplace and the few pitiful candles I had lit. Now that's a good camera flash!

The guy on the couch is our friend Robby, one of the college people. He came home with us after church, before we realized how much snow we'd actually have.

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