Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A New Beginning ...

"When God calls you, He doesn't call you for who you are now, but for who you're going to be in Him and for what you'll do for Him ... When God calls you, He will equip you." --David Sharpton

I love that God calls us to join Him in His work ... that He gives us things to accomplish, a purpose and calling in life. And I'm so glad that it's not about me and who I am, but it's about Him and what He will accomplish through me, if only I will allow Him. There is so much peace in serving a sovereign God who loves me and guides me.

Jeff and I are at an amazing time in our lives. Not only are we blessed with a fantastic marriage, two beautiful children, and a rewarding ministry, God has given us a fresh purpose. Jeff and I have always been great friends, enjoying being around each other. As far back as I can remember in our relationship, we've wanted to work together -- to own a business of some kind that would allow us to work as a team. Well, it appears that God is opening that door for us! Over posts in the future, I'll be chronicling our journey to open our own business. It's been in the works for a few months, and I want to start recording the events that God has orchestrated in leading us to this point and beyond.

There's plenty more to come in the future, but here are a few details. We are opening a coffeehouse! The picture at the beginning of this post is the building we believe will be its home in downtown Commerce. The name?

The Copper Pot Coffeehouse

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congratulations! i hope everything works out!