Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas at Nannie and Papa's

I love being able to celebrate Christmas more than once! There's always a family gathering to look forward to the next week, the next day, whenever. Christmas Eve, we spent the day over at Ken and Cheryl's house. Jason, Paige, and their kids, and Joe's wife Jennifer were all there. We really had a good time eating too much and laughing and catching up on the goings on in everyone's lives. (To Joe: We missed you and we pray for you often!)

A fairly recent picture of Jeff's twin brother Joe, currently serving our country in Iraq.

Little Joe bonding with his cousin, Joel, and his sister. Yes, Kaity's under there somewhere!

Cheryl, Jennifer, and Jeff looking at pictures on Jenn's laptop.

Kaity, Joe, and Joel in the playroom.

Sarah Elizabeth -- look at all that cuteness!

Jacob, playing footsies with Aunt Jeni!

Jeff's older brother, Jason, terrorizing Joseph.

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