Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Copper Pot, Part One

Back in November, Jeff and I were just getting the idea that a coffeehouse was the right choice for us. We knew we wanted the business to be in downtown, so one day we drove down there to take a look at a building that seemed a likely candidate for a location. Jeff wanted to get the phone number for the Realtor, and then we had some other errands to run. Well, we arrived at the building and we walked around the outside some, just checking it out. Then we walked up to the main street to get the phone number we needed. As we approached the front of the building, we ran into one of the people on our "List". (A list of local business people and contacts that we wanted to talk with about the coffeehouse.) Craig Fischer is a friend of ours, and he owns the local radio station. We stopped and talked with him for a while about the coffeehouse -- and man, was it cold! So Jeff asked Craig what he was doing and could we maybe go somewhere inside to talk! Craig was headed to lunch, so we just all went together to one of the downtown restaurants. We talked the whole time -- Craig giving us advice and suggestions, listening to our ideas, letting us bounce things off of him. One thing he told us is, "You've got to talk to Hasco!" Hasco Craver being the head of the Downtown Development Authority. After lunch, Craig said he bet Hasco would be in his office and he'd walk us over there to introduce us to him.

His office has to be the coolest in town! It's on a corner in what looks like a renovated old gas station. There's glass on three sides of the building. It's a great location. Anyway, Hasco is a young guy, which surprised us, and after the introductions Craig headed back to work and Hasco took us on a walking tour of downtown. Remember, it was COLD, and the kids were with us the whole time! The tour was incredibly informative, and we really enjoyed getting to see the downtown through the eyes of someone just as passionate (probably more!) about seeing it flourish as we are. He showed us several buildings that had the potential for a good location for the coffeehouse and we actually got to go inside the building pictured with the last post here. I fell in love with it right away!

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