Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Our New Baby

Okay, so we're complete suckers. My friend Lisa called me yesterday and told me of a dilemma concerning a mutual friend of ours, Jill. During their yard sale on Saturday, a cat ran into Jill's garage. Her husband chased it off, and as it ran it dropped a mouse or something out of its mouth. They quickly discovered the "something" was actually a kitten only a few days old! Mom was nowhere to be found for three days, so on the advice of a vet, Jill was feeding the kitten with a bottle and caring for it. Anyway, Jill called Lisa, Lisa called me, me called Jeff ... and we have a new addition to our family! He sleeps most of the time, and wakes up to be fed and cuddled. We haven't named him yet, but Daddy has reserved veto rights -- he's heard some of the names Kaity comes up with for her babies! (We've often teased that we're going to insist on being involved in the naming process of our grandchildren!) And speaking of our little girl, she is the artist behind the camera on all the pictures in this post.


Joseph said...

How about Bucky?

jeni said...

We don't want to risk the kitten acting anything like his namesake!

Lynnette said...

How about my suggestion of double stuff?????????