Saturday, May 24, 2008

Field Day 2008

Yesterday, our home school group had field day out at our church. We don't really have an organized formal "Group", just several families in the same church who homeschool their children. We have anywhere from Joe's age to teenagers -- around 25 or so kids. At field day, we played the traditional games -- relay races, three-legged race, water balloon toss (which turned into a free-for-all as you can see from the pictures!) One of the moms organized the games, one of the dads grilled hotdogs, and we all brought lots of food, because we are Baptist. :)

One thing I love about homeschoolers is that all have the same deer-in-the-headlights look when you tell them to line up! You can hear their little brains whirring, "What is this "line" that you speak of?"

And I love that homeschooling moms are so completely ingrained with teachable moments that even field day is not excluded. For example, after the water balloon fight, "Mom, my clothes are HEAVY now!" and instead of just saying, "Mmm hmm. That's nice, dear." Mom jumps on it -- "Why do you think your clothes are heavier now?"

One sad note -- a couple of weeks ago we were at a friend's house and Kaity dropped a ten pound weight on her toe (second toe on right foot). She could move it so we figured it wasn't broken, but two weeks later it's still noticeably swollen. And of course someone stepped on it during one of the games yesterday. So Kaity sat out for a little while and a couple of moms had a look and diagnosed it as broken (from the weight incident). So we taped it together with the next little toe and that's about all there is you can do for it!

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