Sunday, February 04, 2007

God is so good!

What a week we have had! I had a migraine Monday and Tuesday and then Tuesday night started developing a sore throat. Wednesday night, about 11, Katie wakes us up with symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Thursday we all truck to the doctor (pediatrics only, no adult treatment). I have a fever, I'm aching all over -- my head hurts and my throat hurts. (Did I mention we had an ice storm Wednesday night? It was cold and nasty on Thursday.) After Katie sees the pediatrician we learn we have to go to the hospital lab before we can go home. The kids are gone all day Friday and I sleep most of the day. Saturday we end up at the Quick Care clinic because Joe has a snotty nose and says his ear hurts and I'm not getting any better on my own! When we pull into the parking lot, Kaitlyn tells me it hurts when she swallows. I fill out all the paperwork in triplicate so we can be seen. After seeing the doctor and a trip to the pharmacy, I pull over in the parking lot and administer three doses of antibiotics -- Joe, Katie, Mommy. Now, you might be wondering what the heading on this message has to do with everyone being sick. Well, I left some things out. Thursday, my friend Chrissy brought us dinner. Thursday night, Jeff took the kids to his parents house for them to stay the next day. Friday, Chrissy brings me books and other goodies. Saturday, Ashley calls to see how I'm doing. Every day my mom calls to check in and empathize. Saturday, she orders Papa John's Pizza on-line to be delivered for our dinner. I call Judy about a commitment I know I can't fulfill the following day and she prays with me over the phone. Also on Saturday, unaware of my being sick, Lisa calls to chat and says, "You sound like Tinkerbell!" She tells me to make a list, and brings us groceries. This morning, Jeff's parents call to check on us and to see how we're doing. God is so good!

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Leah said...

Dear friend-
I am so sorry to hear that your family has felt so poorly, but I am glad to hear how the Lord provided for you through your friends! I wish I lived closer and could help--but this weekend we wouldn't have been much good: Georgia came down with her first stomach bug, and promptly gave it to me! Oh well:-)
I hope you get better soon.
Much love, Leah