Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy (Late) Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day our homeschool group had a party at the Davis' house. Unfortunately, several of our families (including yours truly) were sick and couldn't come. But those who were well and able to make it had a lot of fun! There are about 9 families in our group, totaling about 19 children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Despite being deeply disappointed about not being able to attend the party, Katie and Joe had lots of fun making Valentines for their friends. Joe drove a truck through black paint, then across a rectangle of paper. I wrote, "You're a 'wheel'-y good friend!" on them and we attached a foil covered chocolate racecar. Katie wrapped different fruits in tissue paper and tied them with ribbon. She attached corresponding cards that read, "I go bananas for you!" or "You're a 'grape' friend!" or "'Orange' you glad we're friends?" or "You're the apple of my eye!"

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