Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Katie-Joe Stories

I had a request today for more stories about the kids on the blog. I'm nothing if not obliging, so here goes! The first thing of note is that Katie's bottom front teeth are wiggling ever so slightly! Kait was very excited, and I cried. And now, a story from the future snaggletooth. She dictated this essay to me on October 24, 2006. Look out, Henry David Thoreau!

"I want to live in a log house, because I think it will be warm and cozy. My father will probably build it with a saw and other things. I want my room to be painted purple with flowers on the walls. The living room, I hope, will have a fireplace. I will have yummy food to eat, like deer meat. My kitchen won't have a refrigerator or a sink. We will get our water from a lake. I would like to drink fresh water from the lake."

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Anonymous said...

your obligingness has been noticed thanks :)