Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Joseph's Turn

Joe is at that adorable age where he is talking a lot, and asking lots of questions. I may have mentioned before that one of his favorite games is asking "Where's . . .?" We go through Katie, Daddy, Mommy, Daisy, etc. His favorite time to play this is when we're all in the car together, or when we've tucked him into bed. In fact, he has an elaborate stalling plan for bedtime. We usually manage to preempt his tactics but he tries anyway. (You have to imagine the following routine with the slight speech impediment of toddlers, and a sweetly entreating voice.) "I go potty!" "I want wa-wer." "Read me, peese!" "Sing song!" (Which song?) "Jesus world." (Jesus Loves the Little Children) during which we have to "Hold hands! Bof hands!" "Mommy, way down my piwow." "I want Chokwit!" (That's his teddy bear.) Followed of course by the "Where's. . .?" game.

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