Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sister Ballerinas

Though I love my own children and, frankly speaking, think they hit the genetic jackpot, I have to say that the combination of these two little ballerinas is just too much! I'm going to have to break out the thesaurus to find the words to do justice to how adorable these two little crumbsnatchers are.

Those buns! Squee!

Selah is taking ballet/tap combo this year and she loves her new tap shoes!

En pointe.

I think this picture sums up how gleeful Lauryn feels about her new ballet class:

Our beautiful little "Sailor" ...


And another silly picture of our Lolly to illustrate the following story:

At the end of each class, moms are always invited in to see the girls "jump the puddle" - a felt oval on the floor that they have to leap over. All the little girls line up and one by one leap gracefully (in theory) over the puddle to hug Mrs. Tammy and get a piece of candy. Lauryn's turn came and she stood poised, arms in a lovely second position, perfect tendu, waiting for the word from Mrs. Tammy to go. When she got the signal, Lauryn dropped her arms, tucked them against her sides and ran like a linebacker for the puddle.

Her enthusiasm was both sweet and hilarious at the same time.

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