Thursday, September 08, 2016


Now that we have new phones, one of the first things Kaity talked me into doing was getting an Instagram account. My take on the whole social media thing is that Twitter is for news, words, and links; Instagram is for pictures and pithy remarks #hashtagnofilter; and Facebook is for family and scrolling as quickly as possible past politics and drama.

And I know it's pretty much a pop culture joke that people "Instagram" every meal they eat, but honestly, I follow lots of chefs just so I can look at pictures of good food! You can find me at jenius1701.

Instagram ...
Making laundry detergent and watching Andy Griffith. Lovely Saturday afternoon.

Italian Pasta Salad. #barefootkitchen

Beauty in unexpected places. #barefootkitchen

Butterscotch Vanilla Bean Pudding with homemade whipped cream.

Blueberry. Mango. Kale. Spinach. Strawberry. Banana. OJ. Breakfast smoothie.

Sunday Style - Grey seersucker and red heels. Chunky bracelet.

Lovely dress, lovelier girl!

Girls' Night Out! Still not as cute as (Kim) in her ripped jeans.

"My blanket is in the wash and life no longer has any meaning." #toddlerlife


Time for a new globe, y'all. #backintheussr #homeschoolfail

Gave The Boy a haircut today. No more California surfer dude. #teamcap

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