Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Over The Summer

When we went to the beach this year, one of our children decided that the camera should take a little dip in the Atlantic, too. We haven't replaced it yet, because shortly after that the three of us (Kaity, Jeff and me) got some them thar new-fangled smart phones - which take much better pictures than our actual camera did, frankly. Anyway, for some reason (laziness? forgetfulness?) I find myself not uploading pictures to the laptop as often as I used to, and therefore not posting things on the blog. I can't promise that will get any better, since we have embarked on some serious school schedule craziness! But I will post today, and that's a start.

Over the summer ...

Kaity got a lovely new dress.

Lauryn turned three and got more adorable.

Selah became feral. 

Joe watched UHF for the first time and loved it. Seriously loved it. "A Twinkie-weiner sandwich!" It's Weird Al's best movie.

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