Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Daisy Mae Pittard

In early May of 1998, Jeff and I had been married just one month. He was working for the city natural gas department. I was attending Augusta State University, working as a substitute teacher, and was still part-time at Chuck E. Cheese's. Jeff and his partner got called to a local veterinary clinic to repair a busted gas line. As soon as Jeff saw the litter of adorable little tabby cats in the vet's office, he knew exactly what to get his new bride for her upcoming 19th birthday.

Now that Daisy is nearly 18, she has been increasingly showing her age, including an inability to eat well. With many factors in mind, we made the difficult decision recently that her time with us was at an end. This evening we had her put to sleep.

Daisy has been a wonderful part of our family and we already miss her.

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