Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chattanooga Mini-Vacation

Last Monday afternoon I got a call from Jeff saying, essentially, "Guess what, honey - I'm going to work in Chattanooga for the week!" The manager of the Martin Marietta quarry there had an employee with a medical emergency so they needed a replacement quickly. As soon as I got home from the kids' piano lessons I started getting Jeff ready to go and by 7 that evening he was on his way to a hotel in Chattanooga. He worked there all week and then they asked him to come back the next week! His boss agreed to let him go for 2 more days. The best part is that the manager in Chattanooga offered to book a hotel suite for those 2 days so that the whole family could come along! We were very thankful and thoroughly enjoyed our whirlwind mini-vacation.

You may remember that on our anniversary trip last year, Jeff and I went to Chattanooga. This was a very different trip, since last year all my research was focused on what the adults were interested in, and this year it was all about the kiddos! Jeff worked all day both days, which left me and the kids with a lovely blank canvas to fill with the bright colors of the gorgeous weather and various children's activities.

Sunday evening Daddy took the kids down to the hotel pool, which was arguably their favorite part of the entire trip!

Monday morning we spent at the Chattanooga Zoo.

Selah REALLY wanted to pet the sand cat.

Kaity captured this shot.

Fennec fox

Our Gracie.

The observation deck for the cougar enclosure was a train car! Cool, huh?

Selah's motto: Find a wheel, try to drive it. (I didn't tell her that was the brake!)

Selah took this picture of the snow leopard.

Guess what? It's a buffalo!
After leaving the zoo, we parked in downtown Chattanooga and walked for a little bit before finding a place to eat lunch. By the time we got back to the van we had just enough time to get back to the hotel for a little rest before picking Daddy up from work.

I'll add a second post later with more pictures from day 2 - which was even busier than day 1!

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