Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mini-Vacation, Part 3

After our picnic lunch at the Walnut Street bridge and Coolidge Park, we headed over to the Creative Discovery Museum. All four kids loved this place! Lots of pictures today, and that finishes up our little trip.

Joe and Selah

Lauryn and I spent some quality time with my Games magazine.
They even had a play area for the babies! Lauryn was completely fascinated with the baby in the mirror.
She is ALMOST crawling. So close.

Mommy's boot was delicious!

The garden and kitchen section were Selah's favorite.

Not the best picture of her, but she loved this car, naturally.
Like mama, like daughter. Gotta wander while she's on the phone.
Building a roller coaster!
Budding paleontologist.

Silly dinosaurs

Learning all about how a pulley system works.

Of course they loved the giant chessboard - but we had to go pick Jeff up from work, so they didn't have time to play a full game.

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