Friday, May 24, 2013

15th Anniversary Trip: Chattanooga, TN

It's hard to believe I haven't even posted pictures from our anniversary trip back in April yet ... We had a fantastic time, of course, the bed and breakfast was delightful, the food (most importantly!) was delicious, and the drive was gorgeous. Y'all know Jeff was in seventh heaven driving in the mountains.

The first item of "business" on our itinerary was a tour of the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant. That was pretty amazing. The streamlined processes, the meticulous attention to detail, the effort gone through to preserve the environment while still being practical ... incredible. But no pictures of that!

 Naturally we visited the famous "Chattanooga Choo Choo" hotel, and toured the model railway museum. As you can see from the sky the weather was stunning - it made walking all over town an absolute joy.

Jeff seriously took nearly a dozen pictures to try to get one where I didn't look goofy. But he was determined! I think he almost made it. ;)
We walked across the Walnut Street Bridge - well, halfway across. Then we turned and came back the same way. It was at the end of the day and I just wasn't up for it! You can see the aquarium over my left shoulder - we didn't go on this trip, no time, and we wanted to walk the city rather than be indoors. We even ate lunch outside twice (not on the same day, ha!), it was that beautiful! And on that note, we highly recommend Urban Stack for mouth-watering burgers, and Brewhaus for not necessarily authentic, but deliciously Americanized casual German food.

The views from the bridge speak for themselves ...

The circular design in bricks on the right is an arrangement of fountains.

My favorite view from the bridge.
Our bed and breakfast ... The hospitality there was outstanding - the hostess even prepared some Turkish coffee especially for Jeff when she found out how much he loves his coffee.

My Father's House

This was a view near our B&B on Signal Mountain. The second mountain in the distance is Lookout Mountain. We didn't visit it this time for any day-time hiking, but we did do the Lantern Tour of Ruby Falls which was very cool. We had a terrific tour guide, and that makes all the difference, of course!

Heading home ...

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Catherine McEver said...

Wait, why would you look goofy in pictures? You look fantastic! Glad you guys had a great time!