Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Obligatory Snow Pictures

After breakfast, we bundled the kids up and Jeff went out with them to enjoy the snow for a while. This is the most snow we've had in long time! 3 inches here at our house, other areas had even more. It's been a mix of sleet and freezing rain most of the afternoon, and "they say" we'll have more.

Kaity drew a face on the Beetle.


After everyone came inside, I bundled up and went out for a walk. Joe asked me why I was going outside. I told him I wanted to enjoy the snow, too. He expressed tremendous shock that moms like to have fun, too! As much as I really dislike being cold, I forgot how much I love snow! The crunch under my feet, the crisp air, the childhood memories, the sting of what was by then sleet hitting my face, the stillness, the way the snow covers everything and makes it beautiful, the smell of burning firewood ...

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Catherine McEver said...

Isn't it funny how little boys think their Mommies are just "Mom's"? Cory expresses surprise over my likes too. :)