Friday, February 21, 2014

New High Chair

Feeding Lauryn baby food while she sits balanced on my lap has certainly been an adventure - one on occasion fraught with peril - but it was time for us to buy a high chair. With such limited space in the kitchen I was careful to find one that is fairly compact. That ain't easy, I'll tell ya! I'm pleased with the purchase, though.

At any rate, Lauryn loves her new high chair! She thinks it's delicious!

Seriously, I had to pry that strap out of her little clutches more than once.

"Oh, you put FOOD on it, too? Awesome."

It is both a proud and an agonizing time watching babies learn to feed themselves independently. I really can't look sometimes. I can't explain it, it just makes me squirm! More (off-brand, organic) Cheerios ended up in the chair than in Lauryn, but I helped her get some in that cute little mouth and fed her some banana, too.

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