Saturday, August 24, 2013

The "New Dad" Pose

With each of our babies, we have dozens of pictures that could be titled, "Baby sleeping on daddy". It's such an irresistible photo op!

I hate to tell him that the admonition to "sleep when the baby sleeps" isn't exactly aimed at dads ...

Jeff pondered last night why pictures of "baby sleeping on mommy" aren't as common. Several reasons sprang to my mind:

1. I'm always nursing!
2. My hair looks awful.
3. I'm still in my pajamas.
4. I'm not wearing make-up.
5. Who's going to take the picture?

I'm sure you mothers out there can relate!

Daddy gets to shower and get dressed and go to work and talk to adults and act like a grown up, and I'm all like, "I changed 37 diapers and stopped a toddler from putting Cheerios in her nose!"

I have no idea what's up with her hand.
Disclaimer: Seriously, I'm crazy happy (emphasis on crazy) to be a stay-at-home, home schooling mom. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Especially not a job where I'd have to get dressed and leave the house every day.

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