Sunday, August 04, 2013

Daddy's Little Girls

I get asked a lot what the kids think of the new baby. People are especially curious whether Kaity is a big help, what Joe thinks of *another* sister, and if Selah is having jealousy issues.

Kaity is a big help. She fetches and carries, and she often asks to hold Lauryn. The other day, Lauryn was full, freshly diapered, and happy ... but she wanted to be held. I told Kaity, "You can fix lunch or you can hold the baby." She quickly chose "baby"!

Joe is resigned to all the girls in his life - he and Jeff are hanging in there! He also asks to hold Lauryn pretty often, and likes to sit with me when I'm holding her so he can rub her hair and play with her little fingers and toes.

Selah adores the baby. She is quite ... exuberant, let's say, in her love so we have to watch her really carefully. She is very quick to announce to me that "Your baby is cryin'." when Lauryn reminds Mommy that it's time to eat, for Pete's sake. Selah is very helpful in bringing me things I need - like diapers, and she loves to throw them away after the baby has been changed. "Mommy, I found one!"

Daisy, Kaity, Daddy and Lauryn

Selah loves to "pet" Lauryn.

Our little Stig in training.

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