Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Basket Case

One thing I couldn't live without right now is my basket. It's an oasis of organization in my temporary (I hope!) chaos!

I have everything I need to take care of Lauryn in my basket, and can keep it within easy reach no matter where I go. The last thing I want to worry about at the 3 a.m. feeding is where my book/burp cloth/wipes, etc. ran off to. Especially if Lauryn is crying!

Currently my basket holds: diapers, wipes, a clean outfit for Lauryn, burp cloth, nursing pads, lanolin, a nursing cover, my Nook, and extra ponytail holders. I love that I can just reach in and get what I need without any trouble - it's in a spot easily reached from the chair where I usually nurse and from the diaper changing spot I have set up on the bay window.

Selah has been fascinated with the whole feeding-diapering-dressing baby process. She uses the little newborn diapers and carefully rationed wipes to take care of her baby, too.

These hilarious pictures are evidence that Selah will "baby" anything! She carries this bag of Bananagrams around just like a baby - patting its "bottom", talking to it, cuddling with it, buckling it into the swing/carseat ...

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