Tuesday, May 28, 2013

State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Last Thursday was a very busy day for us! Especially considering I don't like leaving the house, we had a full day planned. First thing, we went to pick up our friend Kim and her nephew Gabe. Then I had a check-up for Lauryn and me. (Kim bravely waited in the car with the kids!) We're both doing very well - she's growing right on schedule, my weight is perfect (yay!), and the only catch is that baby girl really likes to hang out on my right side - snuggled up to my vena cava. This means, essentially, that I am prone to feeling very faint, and though I haven't actually passed out, I've come close. The only way to fix it, other than giving birth, is to shift to/lay down on my left side and hope she moves!

Anyway, we grabbed some lunch after my appointment before heading out to the State Botanical Garden. There is a group of ladies who meet there every Thursday to make bobbin lace. It's a beautiful, intricate art that Kaity loves to watch. The group is headed up by a British lady named Caroline (she says "jolly good!") who is very sweet. I've been telling Kaity we'll go back to see them and we finally made it. After chatting with Caroline a bit, we left Kaity with the group of ladies working on their individual projects and walked out into the actual garden. Our friend Andrea, who is the Volunteer Coordinator at the garden, walked around with us, showing us all the fresh-blooming flowers and interesting plants along the way.

Gabe and Selah were especially taken with the bronze statues of children in front of the garden.

If you look smack in the middle of the picture, you can see the Brittle Blue-Tailed Lizard that Joe was tracking.

Andrea and Joe inspecting the Lamb's Ear.

Kim with Gabe and Selah.

Selah and Gabe holding hands. So sweet!

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