Wednesday, May 22, 2013


One thing I hate about not posting for a while is that I have no idea where to start when I get back to it! Consequently, following is a random collection of daily life snapshots. Enjoy.

Selah declared these bears to be Mommy and Daddy and set them up this way several times over a period of a couple of days. She is such a mess! I'm not sure what this says about her perception of us ...

Selah loves to "help" Joe with his dishes.

Play-Doh! My kids are no exception to the universal love kids have for this salty toy.

When our local library had its grand opening, we had a great time enjoying the festivities. Kaity and Selah had their faces painted. Even though this was a couple of months ago, on a recent trip to the library she asked if she could get a cat on her nose ... it took me a minute to realize she wanted her face painted like a kitty again!

Snuggling and watching TV. My sweet kiddos.

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