Monday, July 09, 2012

Got My Hair Did

 "Girl, just look at these split ends! Don't you use conditioner? It's okay, I'll trim 'em up. Hey, did you see Dora yesterday? Now that girl has some crazy stuff goin' on! Can you believe Swiper? He totally took that teddy bear from Dora even though she clearly told him 'no swiping'! I wish she'd do somethin' different with her hair, too. That bob she has goin' on is SO 1998. You want me to curl your hair today?"

"Anyway, I told that girl if she wanted Goldfish she could get her own, 'cause these are MINE. Then she had the nerve not to share her juice with me. All I had was water! Ooh, I pulled a good one on Mommy the other day. I told her I needed to potty and she got all excited, takin' me to bathroom and all, and then - get this, girl - I didn't potty! Oh, the look on her face! She is just too easy. You sure you don't want me to color your hair? I hid some markers under the ottoman."

"What'd you say, Daddy? Do I want to go for a RIDE? Where are my shoes? I'll finish your hair later, girl."