Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Long Live Summer!

Yesterday, the kids decided it was the perfect day to play outside with the hose. They were right! They came in to eat lunch and took an afternoon break, but they were back out there until dinnertime!

I was trying to be sneaky and to take pictures before they noticed I was there, but Selah spotted me.


Fighting over the hose.



And because it's so classically summer, I had to take the second picture over to PicMonkey just to try out some different options.
Joe looks so mischievous! As always.

I love Kaity's expression!
In the spirit of these fun summer days, Shutterfly is running a contest! For the Long Live Summer photo contest, just submit your favorite pics through their Facebook page. There are instant prizes, weekly prizes, and a grand prize trip to The Bahamas! Let me know if you enter - I'd love to see your favorite summer pictures!

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