Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

I know I probably publish more pictures of Selah on here than our other two sweeties, but I guess it's just that she provides the most photogenic opportunities right now. I mean, I can only show you so many pictures of Joe playing Mario Kart, or Kaity reading a book, or Joe asking for a snack, or Kaity drawing something before it gets old. But a sleeping baby is always cute!

I'd like to point out here that until about 30 seconds before this, I had been sleeping BETWEEN these two people. I don't even know how that was possible. Ah, Sunday afternoon naps ...

Little sister has some big shoes to fill!

The only time she's still ...

Now THIS is the life.
 To further prove my point, here is the scene currently in my living room:

One child playing Mario Kart - boring. One child patiently waiting her turn - boring. One child sitting on the potty naked, reading Dr. Seuss and looking like Geordi Laforge - hilarious!

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