Saturday, December 31, 2011

When Two Dorks Collide

The following conversation happened last night as Jeff and I were climbing into bed. I'm fussing over the covers and Jeff is poking fun at me for being so picky about it. I've recorded this nearly verbatim.

Me, in a mock-serious tone: "I just can't sleep with the blanket all wadded up three feet in the air right under my chin while my feet and legs are completely exposed! I am a blanket socialist. I demand even distribution of the blanket! Every night I have to take the blanket from you and lay it out evenly."

Jeff: "Well, I'm a blanket capitalist and I say that whoever CAN gets to have the blanket. Maybe I'll be the socialist government and keep all the blanket and let you have what I think you deserve!"

Me, in righteous indignation: "That's it - I'm Occupying this bed! ... Capitalist pig."

Well ... maybe you had to be there, but we were in tears from laughter by the end of our little comedy routine. 

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Belinda Jo Adams said...

I am glad you have fun together. Aunt B~