Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

I posted last year about how we get each of the children a new ornament every year for our Christmas tree. The idea is that when I let them move out they'll have a box of 32 ornaments to take to their new homes! (Just kidding.) Anyway, I made their ornaments this year, using ceramic stars purchased for $0.69 at a craft store, plus scrapbook paper and clear acrylic sealer. It was fun, easy, and super-cheap since the only things I bought specifically for this project were the stars and the paper. Total: $3.25 for all three ornaments!

I painted their initials using a thin brush and acrylic paint - after the "Mod-Podge" dried, and before applying the sealer.

I used the same piece of paper for Kaity and Selah's ornaments, just cut them out of different areas.

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Tom/Tabitha said...

We have that tradition too... it's making our tree very full! :) The kids love it, though. With 9 kids, it adds up. (and haha at 32!)