Monday, August 15, 2011

Joe's Birthday!

I know, I know, it's been forever since I posted regularly! But I've had a crazy, busy week. I left the house every day last week! EVERY DAY. It was awful.

Anyway, our favorite little blonde boy turned 7 yesterday! Grammie and Bobba had given us a gift to give to him on the big day, and Jeff and I had plans for him, too.

Joe's big haul from Grammie and Bobba was Star Wars Legos and clothes, including new church shoes, which he's been asking for forever!

 One gift we gave him was an invitation to his birthday party! He had no idea we were planning one for him, and since it's not for another couple of weeks, we gave him the invitation to surprise him.

The party will have a mad scientist theme, so I used an "invisible ink" trick to fill in the information on when and where. Here, Joe is revealing the answers.

What will it say??

Here's Joe realizing what the invitation means! An actual party, with actual friends!

Now he's opening our present to him - the Stars Wars Legos video game for the Wii.

He loves it!

I planned his cake for when the college people were over on Sunday night. Chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing.

Everyone singing to Joe!

As if it weren't a big enough day already, Joe also lost a tooth on his birthday and got a visit from the tooth fairy last night!

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