Friday, August 26, 2011

Beautiful Gift Idea

I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday and I've been pondering what I could get this sweet couple and their new little girl. I finally found the perfect idea on-line the other day. I took the shower invitation and cut it into thin strips. Alternating the strips with pretty pink ribbon, I stuffed a clear glass Christmas ornament full. To finish it off, I replaced the top and tied it with more of the ribbon. It was a simple project that turned out beautifully! This would be perfect for a wedding invitation, a milestone birthday, anniversary party, anything special!


Leah F said...

I saw this too (on Pinterest, I'm pretty sure), and I think it's a wonderful idea! I am putting together a box of handmade ornaments from my friend Kim who is getting married in October and I will have to do something like this. It's beautiful.

jeni said...

Yes, it was on my new obsession, Pinterest! :)