Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oh, Those Home Schooled Kids

Two reasons my kids wouldn't survive not being homeschooled --
Number 1 -- The picture says it all.
Number 2 -- How many big sisters get to snuggle their baby sisters during the middle of handwriting? Naturally, I do realize that this is a stall tactic. "Mommy, can I hold Selah?" A sweet and effective one, though!
Just for fun, because the kids were being complainy, I told my spoiled crumbsnatchers all about A Day in Public School. About how they'd have to get up early, ride a bus, sit in desks most of the day, recess for only fifteen minutes(!), the being quiet part ... they were properly horrified. They promised never to complain again and to always do their schoolwork with a smile.

Just kidding! But I have discovered that I can threaten them with a simulated Public School Day. They really don't want that!

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