Friday, May 07, 2010

Six Flags!

Today we went to Homeschool Day at Six Flags! We thought it was great and that Six Flags did a really good job organizing everything. Kaity and Joe had a blast. They got to ride their first roller coaster -- the Dahlonega Mine Train. Kaity didn't like it much, and neither did Joe at first.
Kiddie ferris wheel.

Airplane ride. Joe's in the backseat, but you can't see him because he was too interested in the machinery of the ride. :)

That's the Ninja in the background.

Jeff and Joe on the bumper cars.

Kaity driving a bumper car.

Jeff and Selah waiting for me and the big kids to finish up on the Carousel.

Of course we had to go to Monster Plantation ... which is now Monster Mansion. Very PC.

Joe loved the Mine Train so much that he asked to ride it again before we left.

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Hobgoblin238 said...

I love the mine train. Being from Atlanta myself I sure do miss Six Flags.