Friday, May 28, 2010

Movin' On Up

So, last night Selah spent the night in her new crib in her new room! Upstairs. Far, far away from Mommy. She slept fine. Me, not so much. Selah is bunking in with Kaity, and they really did great last night. She had outgrown her bassinet long ago, but I had to get the crib painted and put together and the room set up before she could move up there. I finally finished painting on Wednesday and after a day or so of drying, Jeff put it together yesterday evening.

I love how girly and feminine this crib set is. I bought a practical set that could go either way when Kaity was a baby, and that's what she and Joe both used. It was fun this time to pick out one that's "all girl"! Kaity helped me choose which one would match her room best.
Of course, Joe told me the other day he wants a boy next time (!). I told him he'd have to talk to his daddy about that! Then Joe said I should have one "in about 29 years". And you think Sarah in the Bible laughed! We'd have to name him Isaac for sure.

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