Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I had a wonderful birthday on Friday, had to work on Saturday, and Sunday was church as usual. Or so I thought. I knew that on Monday we had a meeting scheduled with a friend of ours who owns the local radio station to talk about advertising for the coffeehouse. Well, after the worship service, Craig asked me if we could change the meeting to that afternoon at 4:15. That was fine with me, so Jeff and I met Craig and his wife at Starbucks (ironic, I know). After the meeting, Jeff wanted to go by Wal-Mart to price something and I stayed in the car with the kids. Here's what happened when we got home ...





I had not the first clue that the "college people" and Jeff had arranged a surprise 30th birthday party for me! Kim and Hope organized everything from the food to the invitations to the decorating. Those two girls, along with my friends Chrissy and Lisa, came over while we were gone to get everything set up. I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing! I was truly amazed and humbled that they thought to do all of that for me.

My friend Lindsay made the cake, which Kim ordered for me. Check out more of Lindsay's fabulous creations here.

That's Hope standing behind me.

Some of our guests ... Jacob, Andy, Michael, Lydia, Robby, Alysha, Brannan, etc.

Brannan and his sweetie pie, Tara.

Jeff, Pam, Ben, Hope, Amber, Kim.

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