Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Jeff and I surprised my mom by driving to Augusta today to spend the afternoon with her! We met up at the Augusta Mall and window shopped. Naturally, we spent a generous amount of time in Barnes & Noble! We went to PF Chang's for dinner, which was really good. There were only two bad things about the trip ... Berk was working and couldn't be there, and it was too short!

The Rest of the Story ...
Well, make that three bad things... on the way home we stopped in Thomson for a bathroom break and got more than we bargained for. While sitting in the car with the kids waiting for Jeff, I saw an altercation between two police officers and a guy. The police were questioning this guy, and he tried to make a break for it. They didn't take too kindly to it, and the three of them commenced to a fist fight. I made Kaity get in the floorboard of the car! (Joe was asleep.) Oh, yeah ... the men were maybe five feet away from us. The man broke away at one point, pretty sure I heard a gunshot, and he ran around the side of the building. The police ended up winning the fight, backup came and the guy was arrested, end of story. But it made for a really interesting bathroom break! And man, was Jeff disappointed he missed it.

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